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Can Low Frequency Sound Presentation Dispel Flu-like Symptoms caused by the Deepwater Horizon Disaster?

[excerpts of this article are below]:
"The Sound Health Research Institute decoded, tested and successfully used countervailing frequencies to quell the symptoms of Swine flu last fall. Now the Institute has been asked to attempt to do the same for the toxins released during the US Gulf Coast BP oil disaster. This article summarizes their efforts toward that mission and includes frequencies that may have the potential to countervail oil and dispersant toxins."

"The frequencies and architectures found in the human voice can be used to identify the innate mathematical biomarkers that represent states of health and wellness. Intrinsic networks of biological signals, called biofrequencies, provide information and direction to produce and reproduce inherent form and function. Tapping into these self-healing biological pathways from brain to neuron to cell has long been a goal of scientific investigations as an approach to promote optimal health. Human BioAcoustics is such a system and was used for the purposes of this report."
"The inhabitants and clean-up crews within the vicinity of the BP oil disaster are reporting flu like symptoms including respiratory stress, headaches, nausea, skin rashes, burning eyes and irritated lungs. "

"In the hope of providing practical, inexpensive solutions for the symptomatic people in the area, the following graph divulges, BioAcoustically derived, frequency-based antidotes that can be used individually or by broadcast. Using extrapolations from a previous project, these antidotes were designed to assuage the symptoms associated with exposure to Benzene – a carcinogen that is a natural constituent of crude oil and Corexit – a chemical being used to disperse layers of oil. "

"Based on the encouraging outcomes from the swine flu CD a particular set of frequencies have been identified as the countervailing frequencies that are allied with the symptom causing proteins produced by the toxic substances being used in the Gulf oil spill clean-up efforts. The frequencies are published for experimental purposes only. "

"The Sound Health Research Institute, a registered 501C(3) non profit, has provided these frequencies to the public in the hope that symptoms experienced from the Gulf oil spill toxins can be contained using inexpensive, non-invasive methods of self help."

Click link below to go to their website to read the entire article and for more facinating info on this relatively new healing science. angelnet: