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Aug 14 10 10:07 AM

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The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving

Scientists have been gagged by our own government from speaking out about this.  Please read the comment section also. You will read about personal encounters all over the Central and Eastern part of the country.

If you can get out, then do so now!


Everything about the Gulf 2010 Oil Disaster

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Aug 15 10 7:14 AM

It doesn't matter what they say, I am still having problems with my lymp glands in my neck and headaches.  It started at the beginning of this year. I live in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.  I thought I was gonna die at the beginning of the year.  We knew something was going on to kill us that was in the air.  My oldest grandson had nose bleeds and headaches for 2 months.  One day the poor kid had 3 nose bleeds.  So, don't tell me that nothing is wrong or it's all in my head.  We bought a home in another state and everytime we go there I get better.  The only reason I'm around the Gulf now is because of work and insurance.  My kids are blinded and won't move so I have to stay for awhile for my grandkids.  I hope our Creator causes us in some way to leave this place before it's too late.  I feel that our health and lives were cut short by inhaling all this poison.

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