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Job Description:    Manage supervisors, monitors CPI, monitors SPI, provide daily reports to Pipe Dept. Manager, provide recovery plans to schedule, if necessary. 

Latest Project:   Building LCS IV for the U.S. Navy.  Have delivered LCS II to the Navy, which is on secondary sea trials now.

Experience:  30+ years in the pipefitting trade, consisting of:   industrial, commercial, power plant & shipyard.

    -    Have 10+ years welding using the following methods:  SMAW, FCAW, & MIG (would need time under a
        hood again to get up to speed)

Willing to Relocate?   Obviously.  (Sense of humor, able to work well with people in management capacity.)

Willing to work in less than supervisory position, no less than First Class Pipefitter.

PERSONAL DATA (wife is writing this part, beware):

Location:  Mobile Bay, Alabama

Age 49, married.  5 adult children, one married daughter.  Would like to relocate as a group.

Wife is 49, homemaker & goat woman.  (We are both Cancers, born 2 weeks apart, soulmates).  She breeds Nubian Dairy goats & raises meat goats on the side.  We have 8 goats very dear to her & plan to relocate with them as our herd foundation.  We also have a young donkey, a flock of chickens, and a big old lab dog who is tame for all of the above.  (We have a pet raccoon as well, but as she provides most of her own food already, we hope she can survive on her own now at age 15 months...  We cannot face euthanizing her & she has never known any form of confinement, such as a cage.)

We are interested in renting a small house on some acreage (hopefully 5 or so, but up to 10 or 20 is manageable), perhaps an unused family farm or vacation cottage.  We bring with us modular shelters for the stock.   (Wife FreeCycles, so material goods are not so important...)

She is experienced in livestock management (dairy & beef cattle, horses, goats, sheep, llamas, rabbits, poultry), AI for dairy cattle & goats, some vet experience for all.  Goal of starting a small meat goat & dairy operation, possibly homestead cheeses, ice creams, sausages, small goods, etc.

Other skills:  Organic gardening, canning/preserving, smoking meats, spinning, weaving, etc.    Worked as cook for sheep shearing crews in NW Victoria, Australia.  Sewing, from wedding dresses to alterations.  Herbal medicine & aromatherapy.  Candle-making, soap-making, tanning of leather, some artistic ability.  Formerly operated medical transcription business, could possibly do transcription again on a light basis...

We are not averse to becoming members of a cooperative.  In fact, that might be an ideal arrangement for us.  We are by nature very independent people (wife - Native American/Texas Redneck; husband - Filipino/German), but see value in working together as a group to enjoy a simple but higher-quality life.  We are not "consumer culture oriented," but rather seek simple pleasures of seeing our stock flourish & grow, preparing & enjoying foods we raise with our own hands without chemicals.

We have grown kids we want to come with us.  Our daughter is 24 & a veterinary technician; son-in-law is a roofer & landscaper (specialty tree trimming).  23-yr old son has experience as a cook, tree trimmer, general laborer.  Youngest sons will be attending university (we hope, should credits transfer...)

There is a young couple who wish to throw in their lot with us...  He is an emergency responder (luckily did not have to restore electrics in LA since Bonnie petered out)...  I will get his formal job title soon for an update.  He has lived on a farm all his life & farms for his grandfather to this day, in addition to his "regular" job...  His wife is a homemaker, experienced in canning & preserving foods.  She & I enjoy making candles, soaps & aromatherapy bath products to sell at craft fairs...

If we sound like people you would like to have in your community, please give us a call at 251-654-8636.  We would love to discuss possibilities...

Cheers, all.

Flying Goat