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Jul 25 10 2:01 PM

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Seeking 3 to 5 acres (with house perhaps) to rent inexpensively as habitat for 8 Nubian goats, a donkey, chickens & a dog. Our funds will be limited, so we will be more than happy to provide the labor of 5 fit men toward rent or lease of an appropriate property...  We are able to maintain up to 20 acres.  Once we have found employment, we will be able to pay cash, of course.

Let me first tell you a bit about our family.  My husband & I met in 2008, after I returned from 3 years spent working my way through Australia & SE Asia.  We live in a rural community just NE of Mobile Bay, Alabama.

We are both age 49 & stable people..  I am a homemaker & goatkeeper, he is a supervisor for a Mobile shipyard.  Together, we have 4 adult children (3 sons, age 18, 19, 21; & daughter, 23).  Our skill base includes:  welding, pipefitting, plumbing, carpentry, veterinary, horse training, animal husbandry, cooking (for large family or work crews - cooked for sheep shearers at Telopea Downs, NE Victoria, Australia), organic gardening, canning/preserving, sewing, butchering & roofing. 

There is a young couple (less than 30 years) who want to "throw in their lot" with us, as we have much in common (organic gardening, etc.).  His skills include emergency management (in LA now) & excavation; she is a homemaker like myself, experienced in canning & preserving.  She & I together make aromatherapy candles, bath products (goat milk soap), teas, aprons & other items which we sell at craft fairs for cash income.

We will be leaving behind everything we cannot fit into our vehicles or onto a trailer.  I have been gathering supplies for some time now (i.e., fishing, hunting, camping gear, outdoor cooking gear & propane, etc.) and have a considerable store of home-preserved food in jars & dried, as well as 7 gallons of homemade blackberry wine...

Our preferred destination would be Western Colorado, NW New Mexico, or NE Arizona.   Once established, we hope to build on our base of dairy goat genetics, obtain some quality Boer goats for meat production, & perhaps return to the commercial meat goat industry on a small, self-supporting scale.

If we could make contact with someone who has an unused acreage or farm for lease, or even a hunting camp or cabin with a couple of acres around it, that would be wonderful.  Our goats are very tame, come when called & will stay near us.  We have modular housing for them that can be assembled quickly, which we will bring with us.

We are NOT afraid of living off the grid, so if you have a property without electricity, please don't rule that out. Even a dirt floor is fine in the right location... What we need  most is a place to stay warm (wood stove) & wait out the winter while our goats have their babies & we get onto our feet to make a new start...

If there is a "heritage community" out there looking for members, please do consider us!  I used to keep llamas & am experienced with sheep as well, from herd management, breeding, vet work, AI, down to shearing, carding, spinning & dyeing of the wool.  I would love to find a community where we could put our spinning skills to good use teaching the new generations... live demonstrations, etc.  I am also experienced in making cheeses to order, as well as custom aromatherapy herb teas, baking artisanal breads to order...

If you feel you may be able to help, please do not be shy about contacting me.  I am home all the time & available 24/7.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

My Email is:

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Jul 26 10 10:28 AM

Please also see husband's resume posted at the appropriate forum...

We are also interested in N. California, Oregon, Washington State, possibly BC... (hubs is a shipbuilder & pipe fitter)

Thanks to all who reply.

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Aug 2 10 4:51 AM

After much discussion among our group, we have come to the conclusion that it may be wise for us to leave the USA...  At present, our goal is to locate a place in West Texas or New Mexico for ourselves & animals, with the goal being emigration to Uruguay...

Anyone with contacts in Uruguay - info would be most useful...

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