Jul 23 10 10:47 AM

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Wherever I may go, I will be happy to help with tutoring.  I have my B.S. and have substitue taught, as well as provided private tutoring.  I don't know how I will make it out of here; but my gut instinct is telling me to go.  People seem content to ignore the information on this crises.  I suppose it is hard to sort it out; everyone is hoping for the best, but the information I have seen, both good and bad, has led me to the conclusion that this is an international disaster, far greater than most people care to fathom.  I am disabled due to M.S. but still 'get around'.  I cannot convince my son, who is a hard worker, of the seriousness of this event.  I also have an 83 year old mother, who has chosen to ignore the entire thing.  It has put me into a very uncomfortable position.  Objectively observing this disaster has led me to believe that this well head is blown and getting weaker.  I see that the ocean floor is leaking and there are other places, besides the one always shown on the news, spewing out vast amounts of methane and oil.  I see that the government and BP can do nothing but fumble through this mess, and are probably hiding the true situation to the best of their abilities.  While everyone cheered when that last cap went on, I could not; I wanted to, but the facts I had seen gave me nothing to cheer about.  It is hard to find accurate information on this event; however, I have been able to put enough valid information together, to see that this is a disaster beyond a name to describe it.  I fear that we are only in the beginnings of this cataclysm.  I can get enough money for a used R.V.  I get a small social security check.  I use a cane and walker, but make it around.  My son is in good health, is a big boy, and a hard worker.  I would like to be in Kentucky, Oregon, Nothern Tennessee; well, anywhere but here.  Although I live near Fort Benning Georgia, and my mother near Dothan AL, I can see the writing on the wall, and this place is not where I want to be.  If anyone can be of assistance to me, perhaps in knowing of an R.V. park that is not on the internet, or can suggest a good community, let me know.  I thank you in advance, and may all the powers of heaven protect us.  It angers me that people do not know what is going on in their world until it is too late to find out.  Sad.