Jul 21 10 10:45 AM

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I am really concerned by how many including my Husband feel there is no immediate danger from the chemicals or the oil for us here because "the Govt" and " the news" say that there is no danger as of yet??? Is everyone THAT hypnotized??? We have a 3 yr old daughter, two teenage boys and a teenage girl. My husband just started a commission job as a loan officer for a bank in The Villages. He will not receive his big paycheck until mid Sept. I am shocked that he is willing to risk the lives and health of our children because of a paycheck!!!  If he leaves this job before then... he will get no money. I am sick over this... I am a skilled seamstress... I also have 15 plus yrs of hospitality experience, including bartending, serving, and hostessing. I can provide great references!!! I am also a Reiki master. We have family in Chicago that we can stay with on a very very temporary basis. I believe we can get the gas money together to just drive us and some clothes out of the state.

My husband has over 20 yrs of mortgage experience as a loan officer, underwriter, QC, bulk aquisistion, correspondent lending. He has worked with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Anyone who could offer a guaranteed job would find a grateful and loyal hard working asset to their company. He also has many years of hospitality experience as well, his being more with hotels. Thank you!! You may email me at spiritflower7@gmail.com