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via Facebook Member Glad Hatter Repost: Hello and please allow me to introduce myself and offer what I can. I am Charlie Swindall AKA Glad Hatter or Gladhatter. I own and run a cottage based industry making highest end hats for a discerning clientele globally. I also supply antiquated and modern hat making equipment globally to all from start up to corp. conglomerate companies. We operate globally on the internet and do the impossible and much more. Do not wish anyone to think we are some wealthy corporation or any such but do want you to know we limit out business due to lack of competent help.

I am at 182 Sterling Beaver Circle, Clintwood VA 24228. 276-926-6423 . Our hat shop is attached to the residence with no entry from home to shop and are separate. Email is gladhatter@gladhatter.net hat forum is www.gladhatter.com .

We live in the secluded back woods with nature and have a garden and yard and woods and nature and trails and creeks and lakes and rivers near and growth and potential and more land and property and lots of dreams and seek many things including a life partnership with benefits. I am not ungrateful and I do not love money but certainly know how to make untold amounts of it and only do not because I do not have a person that wishes to share the dream.

I have a nice apartment (actually a small house) under my house that is separate and complete. We would offer an apprenticeship to a single person or a couple and possibly a slightly larger family if they were interested in growing with the company and being part of our family.

I come with massive references on and off face book and both locally, nationally, internationally and more.

I am not offering just a place to stay for a time but an opportunity at a much desired life that would be all sufficient and very tangible and one that would bring a life of satisfaction and completeness to the right family or person.

A mature young lady or small family with some domestic and possibly some sewing skills with needle and thread and an artsy crafty person may best fill this slot. Age would not be the big issue and skills are to be taught here and not a prerequisite.

We have other opportunities here as well if folks have money and wish to invest in them selves.

We can also provide some temp or longer RV parking here. Please do not think this is a too good to be true type offer as it is not any hand out or give away.

I do hope interested people will contact me.
This is not a too good to be true offer and please contact me to verify what we have as seems some thinks what I see as a mutual opportunity is something a lot more. This is a good opportunity for a hand up but not a hand out It may well suit some one perfectly and others not at all. I will require a phone interview at a minimum.
July 6, 2010