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Jul 14 10 12:17 PM

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My name is Sue. I was born & raised in NY. On October 1, 2009 my two children, two dogs & I relocated to Central Florida. The move was
done for many reasons including domestic violence. I choose Florida because I fell in love with it my 1st time there a year before & more
importantly a friend of mine is a Neuropsychologist in Central Florida & was to begin treatment of my 21 year old disabled son this coming
fall. This treatment was my sons last hope. This move took me almost a year to save for & giving up my house.

My short time in Florida I began a new life for the first time ever & did so much soul seeking & healed completely from my past experiences.
It was a life I loved & loved where my life was going.

However, that was to be short lived. On June 26, 2010 I made a decision to pack my son, dogs, myself & personal belongings in my car (my daughter was already in NY visiting her dad) and flee Florida. This decision came after 4 sleepless nights & panic filled days that began with a message from a friend in Texas. Prior to that I had no clue what was going on in the Gulf. I can not even begin to describe the terror I felt. Those 4 days were the worst of my life. One minute I thought I was over reacting & the next I didn't think I was. I followed the Gulf for those 4 days. By Saturday morning after my 4th sleepless night I woke trembling. Got on the internet trying to get updates & then made the decision to leave. We left by 10AM that morning.

Currently, I am still paying for my apartment in Florida & my utilities. All my personal things are still there & is why I have to pay my rent there. My son, dogs & myself are staying with a friend of mine in a small 2 bdrm trailer. My daughter is staying with her father. I have no choice. I won't go back. My life has been turned upside down & what high hope I had for my son's treatment has been destroyed. My life & dreams for my children and I have been destroyed because of B.P.'s negligence.

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Jul 15 10 2:46 AM

Hi Sue,
Thank you for sharingheart
Hopefully you will be able to connect with others here for moral
support. You may even be able to have some advice for those
that are considering leaving. We admire that you had the wisdom,
strength and courage to leave.

Ashiya & LouAnn.

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Jul 26 10 10:49 AM

Sue, I so totally understand how you feel...  I've been the punching bag before...

I got back to the US in 2008, after 3 years in Australia & SE Asia, clearing my head from a bad divorce...

I'm 49, met the love of my life 2 years ago & settled NW of Mobile, Alabama to be with him.  He works for a shipyard there.  We are both Cancers, born within 2 weeks of each other & he is my balance, for sure.  Areas where I am weak; he is strong, & vice-versa...

Finally, everything in my life is going right...  I have the organic garden, the goat herd with the dairy genetics & performance I have always wanted...  My fibromyalgia seems to be getting a little better...  On the verge of finding a larger acreage & expanding back into meat goats...  Step by step, everything progressing...

Our first-year garden was in tough Alabama red clay.  Very little organic matter, so we mowed & raked & burned & added pecan hulls & shells & burned some more (modeled after the Terra Prata black soil method of Amazon)...  MUST be totally organic, as I am very chemically sensitive, especially digestively (most people with FM are). 

That's why the goats - their milk contains a short-chain fatty acid that actually retards progression of the FM.  I know for sure it helps my guts, because I can't digest my food without it.  I try to stagger my breedings so I always have at least one doe in milk for my health needs...

Now - WHAMMO!  All this is gone. 

What's the point of an organic garden if the rain is toxic?  I have been telling myself my dying tomatoes are just suffering from "some mysterious fungus" & the sweet potatoes have "some kind of bug."  Fortunately, we got the corn in in late June, before all the rain we're having now that's leaving little oily rainbows on my rainwater catch barrel...

I was a complete fool.  July 3, I had company & they wanted to see the beach at Gulf Shores, so we went down.  Took a shovel & bucket & camera...  State prisoners were everywhere, working for BP...  But they weren't really working - they were just moving sand from the boardwalk down to cover the mess at the water line...  Dug down about 10" & there were 7 or 8 stripes of oil...before the next wave would come in...  We collected tar balls for about 30 minutes, then headed home. 

A family we'd been talking to was accosted by "BP police" as we were leaving, threatening to take the lady's camera.  I poured off the water from the stuff in the bucket, threw it in the back of the truck & we left...

I started bleeding on 7/07 and, except for one day, have not stopped since.  Location has varied, including waking up with nosebleeds, etc.  Another weird thing -- I've always been the kind of person to work & sweat, but I have never smelled like this -- a strange odor to my perspiration that I have never smelled before...  It started about 7/15 & has come off & on ever since - even days when I stay indoors, even just 30 minutes after a shower!  My underarm skin is breaking out in a rash that is only relieved by baking soda baths & tea tree oil, and I have the same rash in all of the folds of my skin - anywhere perspiration gathers... behind the knees, ears, waist, etc...

We live 23 miles from the Bay & on some days, it really stinks up here.  Some days, I just can't go outside.  It breaks my heart to think my animals are eating brush & plants contaminated by the rain & vapors I can smell.  It breaks my heart worse to see them with snotty noses or running eyes.  A few have allergies & get that normally every March & April - when the pine tree pollen blows in yellow clouds - but not all the time...  Now all of my goats have this & it seems to be on the same days when I have trouble breathing.

Honey, I don't tell you this to make you feel sorry for me...  I tell you this so you will KNOW that, as a mother & caregiver & as a woman, you are doing the RIGHT thing.  You must protect your children from this nastiness...  Hug them tight & keep them safe - it doesn't matter if you're living out of only 2 suitcases...  Those are not the things that matter.  Having each other is.

Peace to you, dear.  God bless you & your kiddos.


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