Jul 13 10 6:39 PM

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Best Links to Information on Toxic Gases in Gulf
Includes Health Risks and Exposure Symptoms
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ToxGas.com displays updated list of toxic gases rising into the air over the Gulf of Mexico from the oil and gas in the water.
Charts on the ToxGas.com website help people to learn which gases target which bodily organs and to recognize the symptoms of exposure to toxic gases. For example, benzene is known to target the eyes, lungs and nerves causing symptoms of eye irritation, weakness and dizziness. 
The number one priority, according to Dan Youra, author of ToxGas.com is to help people learn about the symptoms of gas poisoning. "Early detection of toxic gases can mean the difference between life and death," Youra says. "For example," he adds, "a young mother who notices her child walking sort of tipsy, after coming in from playing outside, and recognizes this as a sign of her child possibly having been exposed to toxic fumes, will know to call the Poison Center Hot Line at 800-222-1222."
Interactive charts link to detailed information on gases from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Gases are listed on mobile web at GasHelp.mobi