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Jul 11 10 12:30 PM

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...and looking at different locations that might be best for us.

We are two adults with a toy poodle and an senior aged cat.

We like Canton so far...close enough to get into Atlanta for work.

I am a Florida certified CNA, work with hospice patients.

My significant other is hoping to buy a truck within the next few weeks, so we will be looking to start a business using the truck, not sure what yet...have some ideas.

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Jul 11 10 7:53 PM


I can tell you the traffic getting into Atlanta along the I-575/I-75 corridor is brutal during rush hour. I worked for about a year in the Athens area (about 1.5 hrs from downtown Atlanta). Oconee County is east of Canton & the traffic in that area is nowhere near as dense. I did some house hunting in Bogart, Georgia & there are reasonably priced home in both a suburban/rural area. Watkinsville is also great a thriving small town art community. If you are interested, I have contacts in the area & can come up with a network of people.

Have you found employment in the area? I might be able to give you some leads if you need them. As far as a business with a truck, what kind of truck? There are numerous farms surrounding Atlanta & Oconee County is "horse country. "

Feel free to pm me here if I can be of assistance.



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Aug 10 10 5:37 PM

I found very cheap houses in the ElDorado, Camden & Magnolia areas in Arkansas.  There is some work there and seems like a pretty nice area.  I'm from Gulf Coast and bought a house in Arkansas for very little money and fixing it up every other weekend so we can have a place to go when we do leave. It's been very stressful and hard but getting the plumbing together next.  You could maybe buy a fixer upper house on a little land and live in a camper till it is fixed up.  You can buy a house from $3,000.- $10,000.  and gradually fix it up if you work hard.  It will not be easy.  We are all use to the easy life but I think that will be over soon.  Good luck to everyone.

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