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Jul 6 10 2:36 AM

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Via Facebook Member:
Magicstar Net Works Here is a list of campgrounds, contact info, rates, etc. for the Western Kentucky, Land Between the Lakes area. We have many, many campgrounds here with hundreds of spots - ranging from RV sites with or without electric/sewer to basic camping sites, tent sites, tent rentals, cabin rentals, whatever your financial capabilities are - also available: rustic back country camping permits for groups are $25 per year! Next to Kentucky Lake, fishing, wildlife, beautiful, rural, slow paced, safe family/kids/pets friendly, low or hardly any crime, affordable, take your time to decide what to do next. Here are links: LBL Campground Sites:

Four more Campgrounds in Western Ky/Land Between the Lakes area:

Land is very cheap here, as is housing. Not much for jobs, though, this is a depressed area, but if you are on a fixed income, you will find heaven on earth here. There is LOTS of cheap farm land here - think getting off the grid, and think intentional communities! This is a good farming area, mostly rural. This is cheap enough that hundreds and hundreds can afford to come here and still retain their independence, not be subject to someone else's rules/idiosyncrasies...

Any questions or if you need help, please friend me, ask me - I will do whatever I can to help.

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Jul 6 10 2:37 AM

Via Facebook Member: Magicstar Net Works
Wanted to add this: If anyone does decide to come to Western Kentucky, tell me - get in touch with me and I will help any way I can - help you hook up with local charities/organizations/churches, whatever it takes to get you what you need.

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Jul 30 10 10:51 AM

I am looking for RV's in my area.  I would consider Western Kentucky.  It does not have to be free, but it would have to be for someone of moderate means.  I looked at the leaves and trees, and bushes, while driving my mom home to Eufaula AL yesterday.  Some branches are completely dead.  At least one third have the colorings of mid October here; something I have never seen even during the worst of droughts in this area.  The foliage looks pretty bad.  Sometimes in late August, there will be traces of Fall, especially if we have been in a very hot and dry year; but I have never seen it look like this.  Who knows the cause?  We haven't had much rain here.  Perhaps the air?  It is disturbing.  Thanks for your site.  I thought it would be completely full by now.  I guess people are frightened, which causes them to cling to 'home' wherever it may be.  It is my first instinct, but the weather here has been horrible, and I see other signs that I have not seen here before.  It is hard to let the head rule the heart.  Blessings.

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