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Jul 5 10 10:22 PM

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We have 15 acres of land with water from our well. We have a 40 acre mini ranch in Snowflake AZ. 3 hrs from Phoenix, and 2 hrs from Flagstaff. Northeastern AZ., in the White Mountains. There is a small towns with shopping and whatever you may need close by.

There is not much work here but there is clean air, and it is quiet. We work our large garden. Greenhouse and my husband is an unemployed master carpenter at the moment. I am a CNA and worked in the health field.

Possible sharecropping available. We live 10 miles from Snowflake and 28 miles from Showlow. We would charge a small monthly rent for electricity to pump the water you would use and also for permits. 200.00 per month. We can also trade work for rent in some cases.

We have children here aged 13 all the way up to 22 staying at home with us. But we have more than enough room for a few families.

We have dogs, chickens, turkey's and a cat the roams for mice. It is very nice here. We have room for some horses if you need assistance that way.

If this would work for you or you have any questions please reply. I will help out with logistics and any other thing I can do to help.

Blessings to all who are suffering this horrible disaster,
God be with us all.
Annette Hardman

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Aug 3 10 11:07 PM

Stuck close enough to Dallas (suburbia) and the impending chaos at less than 400 miles away from the coast to be very concerned with regards to the toxicities that the very active hurricane season is likely to bring inland.  I especially don't want my elderly parent on SS to suffer.  I have sent you a PM and am most grateful for the gratitude you've shown in this offer. 

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