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Jul 5 10 1:03 AM

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Post here if Offering Shelter out of the United States.

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Jul 9 10 8:04 PM

Before we see northbound traffic jams on the odd-numbered interstates, you might want to consider this possibility:

Again. It's just a possibility that might appeal to some. Don't forget that the winters are long and very, very cold. Even in fairly temperate Southern Ontario, north of Buffalo and across Lake Ontario, the first frost is usually in October and we don't plant gardens until late May. If you select a prairie province, the winters are even more harsh and daylight is brief in midwinter. Still, it's a friendly, peaceful country.

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Jul 24 10 9:41 AM

This is an offer to singles or couples living on their social security checks. You might want to consider moving to MEXICO where you can still live comfortably as a couple on two social security checks.There are more than 1 million americans living in Mexico. There is very little work here, so this really only applies to people who have an independent income or social security checks. There is a strong expat community where i live in Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico , about an hour from Mexico City.I can offer my guest house as a place to start for a month. Usually, I charge 450USD a month rent, all inclusive,including WIFI and CABLE TV.I would be willing to do an exchange for rent for someone who can take over preparing healthy meals for the two of you and the two of us.The first step is getting a U.S. passport or renewing it if you have one that expires in less than 6 months from arrival to avoid going into Mexico City to get the renewal at the me at

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