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Jul 4 10 3:55 PM

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If you are Offering Shelter in Texas Post Here.

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Jul 6 10 1:34 AM

Via Facebook Member: Rebecca M Smith
My name is Rebecca M Smith (64 years), on facebook since August 22, 2009. I live in McAllen, TX, the very southern tip of Texas bordering with Mexico. I lost my hubby a year one-half ago to colorectal cancer and is present with My Lord Jesus Christ. I purchase a 2 bedroom condo in McAllen, TX when I came back home from taking care of my hubby for 2 years in San Antonio, Tx. My daughter TSgt Sandra Schmidt and my son-in-law TSgt Mark Andrew Schmidt were stationed at Lackland, AFB, San Antonio, TX, but have since relocated to Buchel, Germany for a four (4) year stint of duty. I am planning to go back to my home within the month of July in San Juan, TX. I am planning on renting my condo, living in an adult community, but now rents to all individuals. Very nice and peaceful. We also have Wal-Marts all over the Rio Grande Valley, in Texas. Our beaches in South Padre Island, TX are about 45 minutes to an hour away from where I presently live. You are welcome to come to the Valley. We get many snow-birds (name for our tourists) coming in to the Valley, especially during the winter months from all over the USA. But I will be glad to rent my place to a family to help out any way I can. May the Joy, Peace and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family always. Rebecca M. Smith, a sister in Christ Jesus. Agape Love Always. (Will also be glad share my home-based business that I started a month ago, as I want to form a foundation in memory of my hubby to help widows and cancer patients to alleviate their suffering during a devastating illness. You can see my link on my fb page. Thank you for your posting. I hope I can help a family to relocate to the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen, TX. Rebecca

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Jul 6 10 1:53 AM

Via Facebook Member: D John Young
After traveling through the hot barren flatlands of Texas, stop in at THE CROSSES for a night's stay to charge up & continue west or north on I 25. We have a large backyard & four small tents and air mattresses. I would appreciate hearing your story as I am video producer with YouTube website. We can post video story on this site for others! Capture your Gulf photos to download and add to story! If you don't want your face on camera, there's ways around that!

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Jul 13 10 9:29 PM

Hello Brothers and Sisters in this Beautiful LIFE!  I am Miguel Angel and I really want to help someone from the Gulf.  I Live in North Austin, Texas which is over 200 miles from the coastline.  I live by myself in a One bedroom apartment with enough space to hold TWO or THREE people, maybe 4 smaller people until September when my lease is up.  I have no idea where I am moving at that point because I may be relocating after that.  I am OK with pretty much any type of people including a small family, a couple, former military, Musicians, Spiritual people, or just Loners.  I am pretty much the most Laid back, sweetest, and fun guy you will ever meet.  I just wanna put it out there that I am a former US Marine trained in Combat so if you are some type of SCAMMER trying to rip someone off in this Catastrophe, I will Break your face.  Besides that, I am like an Angel.  My Mother named me after Archangel Michael.  Austin is in the Heart of Texas in a beautiful Hill Country surrounded by Life, Trees, Lakes, and Rivers. We have the greatest Diversity here so pretty much Anyone would fit in.  We got Hippies, Country, Rock N Roll, Rasta Farians, Industrial, New Age, Electronic, Families, Young, Old, Sports Fanatics, FREAKS, Hip-Hop, Professionals, Entertainment, and Everything Music!  This is the greatest city I have ever lived in and I'm proud to be a part of the Live Music Capitol of the World.  We have a lot of new jobs starting here so it should be easy to get a job.  Plenty of Options since you can't really be too picky at a time like this.  Anyway, I work full time in the restaurant industry just about everyday and I do well by myself.  I can probably support you for only a couple weeks since I have lots of bills, so a Job is Necessary.  I have the means and the Heart so I want to do my part.  Send me a message with some info about you if you would like me to help you.  I am so Trilled to be a Part of this Great time in our History!  Our mother Earth is about to experience a "Rebirth" and we are going with her.  We are all Connected.  ~In' La Kesh~

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Jul 25 10 3:21 PM

Dear Mr. Young -

My family of 8 will be relocating to either NW New Mexico, West Colorado, or NE Arizona...  We don't know which at this time, but that general area, we hope...

We have 8 Nubian dairy goats, a donkey, & an older lab mix dog that will be coming with us.

In the beginning, I think we will be avoiding I-10... (a nightmare, every Thanksgiving, as we travel to San Antonio to see elderly parents)....  The traffic jam will be incredible...  Rather, we will go North to TN, then cross the Big Muddy into Oklahoma, perhaps a stopover at a reservation near Talequah or Broken Bow...  But if we go to Arizona, we would love to stop & rest a day or so in Las Cruces...

Our donkey is trained to tether & the goats will stay close to us with Tibbles watching over them.  We will have our own shelter, using tarps & the panels of the goats' shelter, our mattresses, etc., & have cooking fuel & outdoor equipment, so we should not be too much bother...

If you want to see some actual tar balls, I can bring you some in a jar.  I'm so sick about this mess...  Don't believe the commercials -- BP is NOT cleaning up the beach, only spraying ever more Corexit on beaches (including people) & bulldozing clean sand from near the boardwalk down to cover oiled sand...  At Gulf Shores, if you dig down the span of a shovel blade, you can see stripes of oil down to 2 feet deep...  I was foolish & got into the water that day & have been having some problems since...  However, am now on the ORAC poison protocol, taking activated charcoal & edible clay, plus immune & antioxidant support, so am better & bleeding has stopped...

The air here is not getting any better & the EPA is lying about it...  Funny thing, in town, everyone KNOWS they're lying about it but they all just repeat, "God is in control."  I do believe we all reverence One Spirit.  I do believe God helps those who help themselves.  I do believe God feeds every little bird; but I DON'T believe he throws it into the nest...  ;p

Anyway, we'd love to chat you up when we come thru Las Cruces - and maybe get a fix of some of that wonderful Mex food I miss from my younger days knocking about the Santa Rosa area...


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