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Jul 4 10 12:23 AM

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Offering a Home Rental in New Hampshire.

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Jul 23 10 2:07 PM

Dear Brenda,

Would you be willing to consider my husband and I and a cutie Brittany doggie?
We are currently in Northern NY, having left FL on July 1 and we will not be able to stay at this location past the end of this month.  As we're not all that far from you, maybe we could communicate by e-mail and phone and, if there's a possibility we could meet to decide if it could work out well.

Please contact us by e-mail first by going to and click on contact us.  We will then get back to you.  You could also contact us by calling 941-677-8723, which is our google voice number to leave a message on.

Judy and Art

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