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Jul 3 10 3:28 AM

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If you are in Florida and need to leave post here.

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Jul 8 10 4:45 PM

REPOSTED via member 'Fluxator2'
I live on the east coast of florida,and people across the entire county are in denial about this whole situation!
I have family in MO,and desperatly need assistance in getting there...
I have a vehicle,and minimal space to take personal belongings...
Im basicly searching for help with a place to stay for one evening to rest on the trip,and funding for gas would be not only appreciated,but would a great blessing....
Most all of my family live in florida,and there is no getting through to them for help...
My time is running out........

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Jul 8 10 4:48 PM

REPOSTED via member 'monkeybean3'
Help:Family in Ft.Myers Beach area:No job:Commercial fshrm w family
My husband has been a fisherman for years and now ourselves and our 2 young children are living in a trailer that has no kitchen and a small window airconditioner:In Fl. that is way to hot:::We are at the end of our rope at this point!!Want to keep or family togethr!Would like to find someone w a home that needs work done in exchange for a home(husband is a good carpender also!)

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Jul 13 10 4:27 PM

We are leaving Florida within the next two months, my man, me, a toy poodle and our 14 yr old cat. Will be moving everything from a small 2 bedroom apartment. Looking for a moving company that can help us, perhaps 2 workers, we are both over 50, can pay but cannot do all the moving. We will be heading to just north of Atlanta. Looking for a place to live there. I am a licensed medical professional, a CNA, nurse's aid and currently work through an agency here that will give me a good reference. I called a few agencies up there and they are always hiring. So no problems there, just need an affordable apartment, electric turned on and a job...we do not think we have a lot of time here in Tampa...people are getting sick but not associating illness with what is happening in the Gulf...

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Jul 15 10 6:09 PM

Via Facebook Member:
Sherry Leavitt Leaving Florida Need contact person(s) in Branson Missouri area, planning to relocate. Looking for work and housing information. If you are close to the area and can extend guidance please contact asap. We are a family of 5 3 adults 2 children.  

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Jul 15 10 6:52 PM

Via Facebook Member Christy Usilton

Central Florida RN / artist with 2 well behaved rescue mutts and in process of stocking RV. Waiting for a clear signal to tell me it's time to go. Scoping out options. Thank you everybody for previous offers

July 7, 2010


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Jul 22 10 7:28 AM

My Daughter is enrolled in Fl Gulf Coast U. Im concerned for her health and safety. As this Beast grows more deadly every day I feel that the toxins in atmosphere will become more dangerous dayly for you. We own an old mansion in Tifton Ga that needs work. If you feel that you must evacuate let me know before the fema bus gets there and maybe we can work somithing out.

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Jul 22 10 7:30 AM

Single caregiver for elderly Mom. Tifton Ga. Big house. If worst case, contact before fema arrives and hopefully we can help

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